How we make life routines

As much as possible we try to organize our life into themes of the day. Mondays I try to stay home and organize, clean and be with my husband. Wednesdays we try to schedule Jason’s rehab appointments and have errands. We know by Thursday most weeks we need a quiet night at home. Sundays are for church and rest and planning how to make life work for the next week. For us, none of this is set in stone but more often than not that’s how the week plays out. We have our sleep routine as outlined previously which adds extra structure to our week to keep us on track.

On Sundays we sit down and try to list everything Jason has, or has to do, in the upcoming week and then build those items into his week.  This exercise is crucial for allowing Jason to work on initiation, motivation, memory, time management, problem solving…all those executive functions that have been impacted by the brain injury and that he needs to strengthen for a return to work.

Now my caregiver confession is, I actually really suck at this process. It would be SO much easier to just make the plan myself. This is the time, every week, that I have to remind myself of our family goals, that we want Jason to be able to return to work and we want him to get as much practice as possible at building these skills.

In a stroke of genius, Pinterest threw this beautiful link (  up at me a few weeks ago and based on a few weeks of practice it has transformed our Sunday night planning session for me. Sunday nights are now not about sitting and helping my husband recover from brain injury, but about appreciating each other, communicating and getting on the same page. It might seem silly to some, but for me this outline has really changed how I approach our life routines.

Everything laid out for our Sunday night meetings – just missing the big mugs of tea that usually accompany us.