Essential oils and traumatic brain injury

As I’ve mentioned because of our crappy medical help early on in Jason’s recovery we sought treatments outside of the conventional medical fields. One of those options for daily help was aromatherapy, a concept I hadn’t really bought into before Jason’s injury. I ended up signing up with Young Living essential oils because I knew people that swore by them and I liked that I could order online (worst sales pitch for Young Living ever I am sure!) but really they have been great for us.

Articles like these helped convince us to give some a try:

Now I am not an aromatherapist, so I would hesitate to call what we did aromatherapy. We just used essential oils, based on articles and other people’s experiences to help with this time in our life. They were affordable and at least gave me the feeling that I was helping somehow. We chose a few ways to use essential oils in our life like:

-A blend of orange, lavender and cedarwood in our bedroom at night

-A blend of rosemary, vetiver and frankincense in Jason’s office and handcream when he’s working

-Spot treatments with frankincense and peace and calming during cognitive overload times to help with anxiety and stress. We also used Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy during high stress times with much success. Jason doesn’t really buy into natural options so it’s always pretty entertaining to watch him calm down after using them and then get a bit annoyed by their validity.