Online An excellent database of articles and personal stories. I also recommend following them on Facebook to get updates regularly about new posts. The Brain Injury Association of Canada. They also have a list of their associations in different provinces so you can get connected to someone closer to you. Community Head Injury Resource Services

Facebook “ The TBI Tribe” A group founded by author Amy Zellmer They don’t seem to have as up to date research as but they certainly do give a good overview if you are just starting your journey with TBI!directory/c1fwp Neuroconnect is an Ontario based group passionate about helping those with brain injuries An american resource but with some excellent explanations about symptommology and lifestyle post TBI Search brain injury or concussion and you will find lots of great articles


In person

Toronto Rehab hosts community sessions once a month to discuss subjects relevant to brain injuries ( for details)
Contact the Brain Injury Association nearest you