Our Story

So let’s talk about the beginning. My then fiance went out for his bachelor party, had a lovely day of golf and paintball and drinks with friends and ended up being attacked by 3 men on his way back to his hotel. We have been told a woman sat in the vehicle the men got out of and watched. The street was closed down for hours because the police thought it was going to be a homicide investigation. When I first saw my husband at St. Michael’s hospital he was already bruising, bleeding, wearing a neck collar and hooked up to various machines. The doctors knew there were areas of bleeding in his brain but weren’t sure if they were going to need to operate. For the 14 hours I sat with him I was only allowed to give him drops of water from a sponge and couldn’t clean off the blood because detectives were coming and going taking pictures for the file.

Jesus. The only word I could pray while sitting in the hospital. I was filling my brain with every word the doctors and police said, I was answering phone calls and text messages from friends and family, trying to update accurately while also sounding calm and not like a 25 year old that was afraid of her fiance dying. And so when I was left alone the only word I could say was Jesus, again and again, calling out for comfort and grace and love and hope.

After approximately 20 hours in the emergency department my husband was sent home to my care. We would later learn he had multiple areas of bleeding in his brain that did not require surgery but would still change our life completely.983783_10201868075257738_6621201663561119297_n

Almost three weeks later we married as planned, and celebrated at the Toronto Beer Festival (because no one told us not to). Since then we’ve learned so much about brain injury and we struggled for a long time looking for advice. We hope that sharing our story, our good and bad decisions and the research we’ve found will help others navigate their life after TBI.