Financial Concerns

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury is expensive. There will be lost work for the patient, but also for the support person most likely. In Ontario our health care covers some treatments with occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists and social workers but while you wait to get into a program you may choose to spend money on other treatments – I know we did. We spent thousands on private care during the 9 months that it took us to convince our doctor that we needed a referral.

We knew we had to increase our income and decrease our expenses if we were going to survive this year (and frankyl it’s going to have to continue for a while).

My writings on how we cut down our expenses will be another post but here are some of the easier ways we increased our income.

1) Ebates

Almost any shopping we did (other than groceries) I tried to do online beginning with

This allowed us to get a small cheque every quarter with cash back from our purchases. I also receive $5.00 from every person that signs up using my link, and since it is actually a legitimate site (I have 3 years of cheques to prove it!) it’s an easy sell to friends and family.

2) Varagesale

We sold a lot of our things on

Furniture we didn’t need anymore, books we had read, construction materials we had too much of  – all went on this site and the extra cash has definitely helped us through some lean days. As with ebates I get $5.00 from everyone that signs up using my link.

3) Young Living Essential Oils

I started sharing my love of Young Living oils. This one was definitely helped along by my dear cousin who loved these oils first. They are great essential oils that we use everyday around our house and now that we can make some extra money every month by sharing with friends and family it’s even better.

4) Rental Income

We were in the position to rent out our basement as an apartment (that had been our intention when we bought the house anyway) and that makes a big difference while Jason is off on disability.

We’re not the only ones

I’ve heard similar stories from other support people -moving in with parents to rent out their own house, selling Scentsy or Mary Kay to make some extra money. I’ve also been told a position as a bookkeeper or something similar where you can work from home (or the hospital as the case may be) works well for some extra money. Whatever you choose make sure it’s something you can do with flexible hours because you never know when a symptom intense day will come along and require you to stay home with your spouse or go to some extra doctors appointments (I’ve written multiple reports for work while squished in those chairs). Try to love what you are doing or selling – you deserve some joy in your life.