About this blog

Why Mild to Moderate?

During our first year I can’t count how often we were told Jason’s injury (multiple bleeds) was a mild traumatic brain injury. Just as often people spoke of how the symptoms were mild to moderate.

When you use the word mild for weather I think of an easy day, no sweating or shivering.

Mild in terms of salsa means delicious with no tongue burning after bite.

A mild traumatic brain injury means it will only f*** your life a few dozen times a day.

In the grand scheme of life Jason’s symptoms are mild, he has been able to walk and talk without fail. That doesn’t take away the sting of being told by a pompous physician that it’s JUST mild and you should learn to cope. In our first year we’ve learned how mild to moderate is never something you can just get over. It’s taken hours of research and multiple health professionals and lots of kind words from others with experience with traumatic brain injury to learn that any brain injury needs to be taken seriously and treated seriously.

This blog is separated into a few sections

About us: Mostly posts about our personal story, the search for the attackers, the influence on our marriage etc.

Blog: While these posts will still have our life as a reference I will try to focus posts in this area to more common TBI symptoms and issues while incorporating as many supporting articles as I can find. I am merely discussing articles and facts that resonate with our experience so that you might not feel alone if you are in the same situation. I am not a doctor, I am not doing my own research – do not take anything you read as a diagnosis or prognosis. I just want to have information handy for those that need it.

Resources: This will be a combination of websites, books, documentaries etc that I find and will try to create a general overview for each. There is also a listing of groups and websites that I know of in Canada that offer support for brain injuries.