Our truth about dealing with crisis


Sometimes I think I need to remind people that Jason didn’t choose this lifestyle. His injuries were a tragedy. Brain injuries are tragedies. The ways it’s changed our life are innumerable and that’s what I discuss on this blog because I only have our perspective. But everyone lost Jason that day.

We often get comments and notes telling us how Jason’s rehab and recovery has been cruel to others. It seems a favourite sport, to contact us to point out the ways we’ve failed, events we’ve missed, times we haven’t been on, how we seem to punish them with every decision we make. 

And that’s where I want to scream. But then I want to say – We didn’t choose this. I’m sorry that some men did something horrible to Jason, and you are feeling the hurt and vulnerability and sadness of violence. But you can’t be mad at us for putting Jason’s health and my mental health first.

I just wish people could see the way tragedy ripples out to touch so many, instead of thinking it touched us and now we are assholes.


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