And we’re back…

A funny thing happened this summer. We were trying to settle into a routine. We celebrated Jason’s second “Life Day” based on a recommendation from a friend who knew we were struggling with what the anniversary of the attack will mean to us. We celebrated our second anniversary. Disability insurance started talking about paying for more rehab for Jason. My sister in law moved in and took some of the pressure off of me around the house, and with keeping Jason on task. We saw friends and joined a church, and realized in two years our story went from “no friends that can put up with the pain of TBI” to “blessed with amazing friends that stick it out and don’t get awkward in the hard parts”. I have slowly given up my “perfectionist” coping mechanism over the last 2 years, because there is literally no way to keep things perfect when your husband is accidentally flooding the kitchen every few months.We had a family wedding to look forward to and our dogs, our babies really, were missing.  And all of a sudden in September I woke up and didn’t really know how to keep moving forward.

I couldn’t remember what I did with my life other than work and care for Jason. I looked around our house and saw the meals he prepares and the cleaning he does and very little showing I am involved in our life. I wanted to pick up the phone and ask someone to talk me out of this weird mood, but there are very few people that knew me then and now, and I didn’t even know how to start explaining that I had no idea who I was anymore. How do you lose yourself by 27? For the first time in a long time I was picturing the attack, the hurt in our life and crying. My rehearsed versions of our story were dotted with tears and deep breaths that hadn’t been part of the script during the last two years. I could no longer shrug it off when someone replied with “That’s so terrible”….instead I would reply “Yes, it is.” and then try not to feel revealed, embarrassed and awkward. It is not in my nature to admit things are hard. At least it wasn’t when I knew who I was.

We started seeing a marriage counselor, I changed some priorities in my life, we’re working at figuring out how to get through this season. I’ll be detailing some of the awesome, emotional breakdown in the next few posts but I wanted to give everyone a heads up that these won’t be the typical TBI posts, they certainly aren’t like anything I planned to write when we started the blog. We wanted to focus on sharing info on treatments, what TBI looks like in reality, how long it can really effect your life, and now apparently it’s all about the break down of a caregiver.

I was sent this blog post by a cousin, and I nearly wept while jumping for joy. I’m so grateful to the author of this post for giving me a language to use when talking to others, and for making me feel normal. Please take a minute to read about coming out of a caregiver coma.

2 thoughts on “And we’re back…

  • November 29, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Ah Jasmine my heart breaks for you. While researching background info on grief for my half written novel I interviewed a grief counsellor . He talked about the loss of identity after a death. I feel like this is what you are experiencing. While Jason is still with us everthing that you had anticipated for your life together has died. So harsh to say that out loud.
    My hope is you can find that new identity and be okay with it.
    When next you visit come for a stretch, my treat

    • November 30, 2016 at 12:38 pm

      Lorri thank you for your kind words – even though they may seem harsh I think they are very true and I know you mean them with kindness. I think you are very right, we’ve been feeling lately like we’re just figuring out who we are as individuals and a married couple now -2.5 years in!


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