A little inspiration from Sarah Ramsden

I stumbled across Sarah Ramsden’s story on Facebook a couple of years ago when I was learning about Kombucha and fermented vegetables. She runs a very popular video series on Fermentation (Fearless Fermentation) that I’m always meaning to take to refine our system at home. I love learning and when I read that Sarah had to have brain surgery and then changed her life over the last few years I felt like I’d found someone that gets it. I have about a dozen of her blogs bookmarked to refer to on hard days because I love her insight on how life can change completely after a health concern. Seriously, if you are feeling like your world just doesn’t fit anymore, grab a tea and curl up with her blog. She talks about her own journey from loving the corporate and city life to moving across the country to find joy with less. For today I want to share specifically her blog post Unexpected Lessons From Taking Sick Leave. Sarah succeeds in giving words to the feelings Jason and I have had during his time off. Neither of us wants to say we are grateful for the brain injury or managing life while he is on disability, but we’ve learned some amazing things and been granted incredible opportunities along the way. I’ll sound like I’m stealing her words if I try to list our lessons, but I hope her blog can give you hope if you are in the midst of the painful days.

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