Caregiver Week

Hey friends,

It’s caregiver week. I had so many blog posts planned for this week with links to great resources and tips. And then our life kind of went crazy – life in our hometown doesn’t fit anymore for many reasons. We need to move, we need to prepare our house to sell, I need to wrap up my business….it’s just work. And it’s just two months of work, but in that two months it is A LOT of work. And so when I sat down to write my blog posts, I had nothing left to give. No words of wisdom, no making links between resources. I’ve used up all my brain power and I’m going to spend the rest of caregiver week being kind to myself. In a couple of weeks I’m sure I’ll be right back here, writing up a storm because there is so much that needs to be said about life with a TBI. But for now I’m taking the general theme of caregiver week and caring for myself. I encourage each of you to do the same and to be gentle with your self talk while taking a break.