What are executive functions?

I’ve gotten cocky lately. We have names for symptoms. We know what to expect on hard days and make modifications to limit hard days altogether. Jason isn’t working while he’s recovering. He has enough easier days to help me out around the house – suddenly over the last couple of months everything hasn’t been on me. It’s been lovely and I’ve gotten cocky.

And then it comes up again, and is in our face and reminding us that we’re still SO early in the recovery process. Pretty much without fail the symptoms that pop up are executive functions. And since I know I’ve written that term about 80000 times in the last year, I wanted to be sure to clarify what that means. Fortunately there are some very intelligent people over at Understood.org that made a beautiful infographic relating executive functions to kids. 



I was delighted to find this page and near the bottom there are links to learn more about some skills and how to help. It’s been a huge part of shaping my approach to conversations with Jason and reminding me that certain situations are still just symptoms – not my husband choosing to be difficult.


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