BrainFX 360 – My Experience

The BrainFX 360 assessment wore me out.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed completing the assessment and found it really interesting to complete but it was an exhaustive test.  The test may not be this exhaustive for most but at the time I was working full time (which I shouldn’t have been) and trying to recover from a TBI.  The whole concept of this program is well ahead of traditional testing completed by Occupational Therapists.  In a couple of hours I was given results that validated the symptoms I was feeling and provided specific areas of recovery for Tracy (my OT) to focus on.  This was HUGE!  At this point I was struggling at work and constantly exhausted; the results from the BrainFX 360 assessment provided a glimpse at the symptoms that were causing these issues.

The entire assessment is completed on a tablet and you are occasionally provided with a keyboard and/or some headphones.  There are puzzles questions, and some small game-like section, each meant to test a specific area of you cognitive function or abilities.  Part of the fun for me was attempting to guess what was being assessed as I completed each of the tasks.  After the assessment is complete Tracy went over some of the results with me immediately but a comprehensive report followed on my next appointment which hit the nail on the head when compared to how I was feeling.

Looking back on the testing after seeing another OT through a rehabilitation program I can definitely see the advantages to BrainFX360.  Although I was exhausted the day I completed this testing, the standard paper/pen testing takes more time and energy and the results are less comprehensive.  This testing saved Tracy and I several hours over several days of testing which can be a toll on both energy levels and my wallet.

I am lucky to have had this testing and if you are lost figuring out your symptoms I’d recommend checking out BrainFX 360.

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