Kids of TBI

When Jason switched to his new family physician one of the first things she said was that there was no way we could have children while he was in such an early recovery phase. As frustrating as it is to be told what we are allowed to do as adults I recognize the wisdom of this advice. I can only imagine how exhausted parents must feel when dealing with a spouse with TBI and children. I struggle to balance our life and we have no children and I control my own work schedule! There are some parents out there doing some amazing things. Recently a few posts about how to cope as a child in this situation have come across my desk and I wanted to share for those that find themselves in this position.

This beautiful letter was posted on Brainline by Janna Layde to kids like her with a parent with TBI.

Seven Truths – the ripple effect of TBI lists some of the realities that parents need to be aware of.


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