Keeping community

We’ve taken a significant financial hit over the last year, lost income and added expenses for treatments. We’ve also lost friends and times with family while Jason recovers and I try to hold our house together.

In a spectacularly cheesy way the best help we’ve received hasn’t been the money or discounts people give us because they know we’re struggling. The absolute best support has been when people sit with us and let us talk, and walk that line of letting us have normal conversations and respecting when we need to change the plan due to TBI. There is so much comfort in sitting with friends and family and having a community. Even better when these times were coupled with food because by the time we survived a whole day of living with TBI it was rare either of us had energy to cook.

It’s hard to sit with friends and family in the uncomfortable and hard times but it’s a lesson worth learning. Showing up and talking about the damage, or not talking but also not demeaning the experience, can really help. I love this article written by a local author about the people that show up
It doesn’t have to be any big spectacular plan, just show up.

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